Monday, May 7, 2012

Ada is....housebroken? -- 17.5 month update

Ada is 17.5 months now and it's time for an update!

As you can see, her hair is now long enough for pigtails, and I'm having way too much fun playing with her hair!  The pigtails definitely make her look more grown up.  

She understands a LOT of what we tell her, but she's not able to communicate much back to us.  She uses sign language for "milk" "more" "all done" "please" and "thank you"

Words she can speak: baby, dog, Mommy, Dadda, Wa-Wah(water), ball, and bye-bye.  However, lately she has only used "bye bye" when I'm talking on the phone.  Usually when I end a phone conversation I will say "ok, sounds good.  Alright, I'll talk to you later. Bye."  As soon as she hears "Ok, to you later," she says "bye-bye."  It makes me chuckle every time.  I've heard that talking parrots do this too.

She knows what dogs and cats say--"woof!" and "mao"

She LOVES to read books! Both with us and on her own.  

She can follow simple directions if I ask her to do something.

She helps with a few chores around the house. Her specific chores are to help Mommy unload the dishwasher (she hands me the dishes and I put them away), put the clean clothes in the dryer, and put Charlie in his kennel before we leave (she picks out a treat for him and walks over to his kennel and waits for him), and gives Charlie a treat when we return home.  She is a very enthusiastic helper, and sometimes cries when we finish a chore!

She likes to put phones, remotes, and calculators up to her ear and talk.

She started walking independently the week before Easter.

Lastly, she is housebroken.  Not potty trained, but housebroken.  You may have read my post about Ada learning how to become fully diaper free.  Well, the last few days we've had some breakthrough....sort of.  When she is diaper-free, and she has to pee or poop, she will go out on the deck and do her business there. She does number 1 and number 2 only standing up.  I've observed her as she's busy playing,  then will stop, walk out to the deck, and relieve herself. When she does this I give her lots of praise and a bite of marshmallow. I've tried to get her to sit down on her potty seat, but she usually gets upset (tantrum) at this I've even tried a different potty seat to see if that was the problem.  Maybe the sunshine, sounds of the birds, and fresh air help her to relax more?  Maybe she's been learning from Charlie? Maybe she knows she gets a treat if she goes outside to relieve herself?  So, I have mixed feelings.  I'm thrilled, because after months of doing diaper free trials, I feel like we've made a big step!  However, I'm don't know where to go from here to get her to willingly sit on her potty and go.  Currently, I've put one potty seat on the deck and one in the bathroom.  I welcome any suggestions!

My two loves


  1. I LOVE that first pic of her with the pig tails! Adorable! :)

  2. Sounds like good progress to me, but I understand your mixed feelings! Have you tried helping her sit on her potty in the bathroom while you sit on the toilet and go to the bathroom too? Or even just making sure she sees you using the toilet? She might be able to sit on a toilet trainer on the regular toilet soon, and having an example to follow might make it more appealing (if you don't mind a little less privacy on the pot).

  3. You're doing a great job Christine! She's doing awesome! Sounds like she is developmentally ready to use the potty and is able to control her urge to go potty. Maybe she's not emotionally ready yet. I wouldn't worry about it! She'll do it in her time :) You're doing everything you should be.