Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recycling Adventures

One more thing I love about Marshalltown, Iowa is there is a recycling ordinance. When I lived in Ames, there was no recycling plant or ordinance, and it was extremely inconvenient if someone wanted to recycle. Having this ordinance makes it convenient to recycle, because I just set my recyclables outside with the trash and someone picks it up and takes care of it (for a reasonable price). Now I love to recycle!

I know I should use my reusable grocery bags more, but I usually realize I forgot them in the closet halfway to the store. Going grocery shopping once or twice a week, we use a lot of grocery bags. I don't mind saving them, but where do you neatly hide grocery sacks??

In an empty kleenex box! Empty kleenex boxes work great for storing those plastic bags. You would be surprised how many you can cram into the box! I will also use these bags as trash can liners for our small bathroom trashcan. I will hide some of these sacks in the bottom of those trashcans so there is always a handy bag available to replace when the trash goes out.

Moms, I've also been saving the sacks newspapers come in during rainy days, bread bags, and the small sacks you put your produce in at the supermarket. I always keep a few in the diaper bag because they are great for throwing a stinky diaper in if you don't have a trashcan nearby or you are at a guest's home. They would be great doo-doo bags for dog owners too!

I've discovered old yogurt containers (which can't be recycled like other plastics) make great baby food bowls, too. The AE brand is best because they come with lids. I only had 4 purchased baby bowls to begin with, but now that Ada's eating more, I usually use 2 bowls per meal. Nail polish remover will take off the ink on the yogurt cup so that it doesn't get confused with your other yogurts and you have a space to label if you want.

Lastly, Ada has her first teeth! Congratulations Ada!

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  1. Yay Ada! And what a cute dog you have too! :) I wish Gladbrook did more with recycling...